Spring Tournament Standings



Since you probably didn't read them on the other page, here are the rules again.


Rules, Notifications and Official Stuff:


- Grand prize of $200 cash plus two free tickets to San Diego ROC Race      ($150 value)


- Finals will be held May 1st at Bub's at the BallPark at 8 p.m.

- Top 15 teams are guaranteed a spot in the finale

- Further spots will be first come, first serve to a total    

   limit of 20 teams

- Invitations will be issued Friday, April 25th and must be        accepted by Tuesday, April 29th


- No limit to team size during the tournament, however, teams  

   in the finals are limited to six people per team


- Tournament points are used only to secure invitations, all team     points are reset for the finals


- Not Just Trivia reserves the right to refuse invitations for any

   reason, including but not limited to: cheating, and just being a      douche.  Mostly cheating though - don't do it.



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